I:Cube: M Megamix

Finally returning with a new album after 8 years, Paris based legend Nicolas Chaix, aka I:Cube hits us with a worksheet almost too much to digest. 24 tracks deep it's more of a mix (like the title suggest) than a proper album. All original tracks mixed up in a big showcasw of twenty years of modern dance music. And with almost each track you think why isnt it much longer. That's why there will be accompaining 12"s coming out on DJ Gilb'R's Versatile Records. This is a new standard!

I-Cube---Y O U R O C K

Posted: 16.03.2012

Simon Baker: Let Me In

Off his album «Traces» from last year, «Let Me In» by Simon Baker is now out on 12" with a Lee Curtiss remix on 20/20 Vision. We prefer the original mix. A true belter that works on almost any dancefloor. Jack the house all night long! 

Posted: 28.02.2012

Peter Broderick: http:/ /www. itsstartshear. com

He has been compared to the genius of Arthur Russell and John Cage. And we have been fans from the beginning. Peter Broderick is one of the most outstanding contemporary artists by all means. He already has another new album out after his brilliant album for Erased Tapes last year, this time Bella. This man can't be stopped. 

Posted: 27.02.2012

Electric Guest: Troubleman

This Californian outfit does exactly what we like right now so much. Electric Guest sounds like a Beach Boys replica without the elusive orchestration. And a production approach that even David Crosby would approve of. We honestly hope this twosome will become huge. But this could be only wishful thinking again. If you like the teaser please help to spread the gospel of one of the breakthrough artists of 2012. 

Posted: 27.02.2012

Ted Lucas - It's So Easy (When You Know What You Doin')

One from the vaults. Ted Lucas didn't have much exposure during his career starting in the 60's. This little jam here sounds like a perfect summer afternoon. Sitting in the park and knowing how life is good. Lucas died in 1992. Take this with you for summer 2012. Hope it's gonna be a better one than the last one.

Posted: 26.02.2012

Finger Magazine

Issue 6

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Chromatics: Kill For Love

are finally back. After their very promising debut they took some time to come back with an album that finally shows the full potential of what Johnny Jewel & co is capable of. Where «In The City» left off ...

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