Riccio: Soul Hermitage Mix

To start smoothly into 2012 we strongly prescribe you this mix by Bologna based DJ/producer Riccio. This Italian winter serenade is full of love and warmness and proves again why we honour Riccio's taste in music so much. Grazie ragazzo.

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Paul McCartney Tribute Mix

It was sometime this summer when we talked with a friend about the sheer genius of Paul McCartney – as a solo artist or with the Wings. So we promised to make a little mix of his best tunes. Somehow the mix slipped off our harddisc soon after and was only found again recently. About the same time we were at a club with another friend and when «Check My Machine» came up he wouldn't want to believe that this is Macca. Well, here it is. Our little tribute to the coolest Ex-Beatles.

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Tridact: Switched On Soul

When we asked Caliornia based Brandon Johnson aka Tridact to shove a mix over we didn't really expect him to come up so silky smooth and soulful. The guy who just released the best nu disco/synth-heaven album of the year blends some of the most sultry tracks for you. Put your headphones on, tuck yourself in and get it started. This is a really fucking good feel-good trip. Let the festive season begin!

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Guestmix: Oyvind Morken

It's all over the news right now: Norway is running out of butter. Probably because Oslo-based Oyvind Morken used it all up for this mix he did for us. Not that it could be called greasy in any kinda way, but it tastes delicious for sure. Ranging from Balearic crispiness to more uptempo nuttyness. It' a mix that works everywhere. Be it at your work colleagues christmas party, a chilled out evening in the tub or maybe also on your headphones while jogging. Any other ideas?

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Al Kent: Songs To Remember

It was great fun talking to one of the true grail keepers of disco and underground soul music. When we hooked up with Ewan Kelly (aka Al Kent) he still was suffering from a cold but talking about the records that  shaped his life made him almost heal instantly. Listen for yourself.

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Finger Magazine

Issue 6

Finger Magazine A Bi-Annual Print Publication, 64 pages, 4c, 6000 copies, distributed worldwide


Chromatics: Kill For Love

are finally back. After their very promising debut they took some time to come back with an album that finally shows the full potential of what Johnny Jewel & co is capable of. Where «In The City» left off ...

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