Ilya Santana: Weekend Mix

It's quite an honor to have Ilya Santana making an exclusive mix for us. When it comes to sophisticated club music he is one of our real heroes. The Spanish produder an DJ extraordinaire has the feel and flow you dont find so often. This mix is another proof of why he is right now one of the best DJs worldwide. Play this out loud and shake your butts to. Highly recommend!

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Al Kent: The Living Room Tape

Have your ever wished to be invited to an evening at Al Kent's? Not a club night but his house. He made a little mix for us what this could sound like. He just took the pile of records that were in his living room (from his wife and daughters, and maybe himself too), turned on his decks and played some tunes in order of what he found. We never heard a mix so intimate and family friendly like this one. If every household would be musically so interesting...

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Cool Is Dead, Vol. 2

It's been almost a year, but now he's back with us. Alan Oldham presents the second show of his «Cool Is Dead» series. Listen to his fine selection of indie rock and his charming stories that come along with it. Let's hope we have the third part coming in much sooner.

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Guestmix: Pastor

Our love for Norwegian club music is never ending. And for it's key players nonetheless. After the stupendous mix by Oyvind Morken in December and the podcast with Telephones we now proudly present you an exclusive mix by Untz Untz's head honcho Pastor aka Eirik Fagertun. We tested his Ping Pong skills last summer and must say he better should stick to DJing and selecting fine tunes like in this little mixage. It's like the perfect warm up set for an unforgettable party night. Keep it coming, Norway!

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Guestmix: Citizen Kane

One of New York's finest, Citizen Kane put this fantastic mix together for us. Whenever you thought you're done with disco and house music someone takes it to the next level. And that's what Kane did right here. Essential! So you better stay in this weekend, invite some friends over and party to this burner. Don't forget to check out Kane's podcasts on Disque Town and his new «Apollo Heights» EP which is coming very soon!

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Finger Magazine

Issue 6

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Chromatics: Kill For Love

are finally back. After their very promising debut they took some time to come back with an album that finally shows the full potential of what Johnny Jewel & co is capable of. Where «In The City» left off ...

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